Corian® Contract

Bar and restaurants

A buffet, ideal for a quick and light lunch, greets its guests from its Corian® counter. This material satisfies any requirement, from built-in food containers to refrigeration areas and it gives every place a sense of pleasant freshness. A refined restaurant with its Corian® tables, satisfies the highest hygiene and aesthetic standards. In the background the discreetly lit bar contributes to the relaxation of the guests. In a welcoming and velveteen atmosphere the audacious colours of the Corian® surfaces reflect the colours of the cocktails prepared by the barman. Informal conversation, the exchange of confidences, the final details of a business deal: a world which revolves around the Corian® tables. And nothing – not even a forgotten cigarette or a spilt cocktail – can ruin its beauty and elegance.


A STRONG AND PLEASING IDENTITY Travelling for work and pleasure is a central point around which the world economy turns. When we travel, we look for a home away from home. We want the perfection of hi-tech solutions, but we also want convenience. Easy to clean and long-lasting but naturally welcoming thanks to the wide range of colours and its pleasant tactile feel, Corian® is a trusty ally in the hotel industry. Used to create a strong brand identity through objects such as sinks, worktops, or reception counters, Du Pont TM Corian® offers aesthetics and functionality, day after day. The solidity, durability and lack of visible joins make maintenance easy and guarantee hygiene. With DuPontTM Corian® you always feel at home even when you are travelling.

Sales points

WELCOMING, CUSTOMISED, STRUCTURED Sales environments can be compared to the theatre, where the stage is set with lights, materials, colours and finishing. Your hand is spontaneously attracted by the tactile feature of Corian®. This material, which is smooth, translucent and easy to transform , can take on any shape, it can be engraved with a logo or even backlit for an even more scenographic effect. A material with enormous potential, DuPontTM Corian® can be used for facades, signs, coverings, stands, counters and cash desks in all kinds of shops. Seize the infinite possibilities offered by Corian® to create extraordinary sensorial experiences made up of warm silkiness, captivating colours, ethereal lights, effective decoration. A pure inspiration.

Public spaces

WELCOMING, INNOVATIVE Museums, shopping centres, airports, waiting rooms: Corian® adapts perfectly to all these spaces. The fact that it is long-lasting and can be repaired means that it is resistant to constant use and sometimes to improper uses, while its beauty, together with a flexile design and a vast assortment of colours, allows designers the chance to give it a strong individuality.


DURABLE, ERGONOMIC, EASY TO CLEAN Work surfaces are an integral part of our working environment. Used as surfaces for equipment and devices of all kinds, they must be pleasant to touch and create an atmosphere which favours creativity. Interaction among co-workers is mediated by the environment in which we work: a nice, sturdy, long-lasting and easy-to-clean material which can be shaped into ergonomic forms is an important resource for creating a pleasant work environment and building team spirit. Colour can influence mood and productivity and the vast range of Corian® colours gives you an ample choice: moreover, this material has a modern personality, is good to work with and tough enough to resist the wear and tear of office life. Suitable for all types of surfaces, from desks to tables for meeting rooms, to break rooms, Corian® is resistant to ink stains and coffee and is easy to clean.