Corian® and Design

Design is the language of objects. Today, matter is mass, energy, information. CORIAN is information.

It allows interior designers as well as industrial designers to bring out all their creative energy. It allows you to experiment in order to attain those shapes that you dreamt up, whatever they are, with no limits, something that is no longer impossible. Thanks to the use of templates and moulds, which do not entail a large investment, CORIAN can be thermoformed with relative ease, allowing you to obtain almost any shape you want; it can become monolithic-like with invisible joins. Aesthetics and technology are the backbone of any design project that foresees curves, acute angles and organic shapes with a continuity that can only be obtained with CORIAN. This is why designers love CORIAN and cannot do without it.

CTC DESIGN has a technical staff at the designer’s disposal. They will be at your side to find the right technical solution using the latest cad cam machinery and computerised machines to bring to life your idea in CORIAN.

The entire journey will be driven by a shared passion for facing new challenges without ever giving up.