Corian® and Naval applications

People have an instinctive curiosity about the sea. A classic opportunity for a holiday or an exclusive status symbol, a sailboat or motorboat is, for the project designer or manufacturer, a place for permanent experiments where the waves, the salt and the wind are the most honest certifiers.

CORIAN is a homogenous thermoformable material that can be cut, shaped and joined so that it can be adapted perfectly to the typical areas of a boat. CORIAN is waterproof by its nature and it maintains its beautiful surface finishing even after lengthy and repeated exposure to the sun and wind.

Because it is waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions, it is the ideal high-performance material for indoor surfaces on cruise ships, ferries, luxury yachts, military ships, houseboats, offshore platforms, sailboats and motorboats.

CTC DESIGN is ready and able to place at your disposal its technical department to develop your executive projects. We have created a staff of technicians who are highly qualified and have the necessary flexibility for logistical operations and installation on boats that require diverse manual and operative capabilities and specifications.