Corian® and Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most lived-in places in the home and, thanks to CORIAN and its versatility, you will be able to enhance your kitchen by adding autonomy, design, charm, versatility and above all hygiene and functionality. It is in fact the only material that is hygienic, resistant, ascetic, homogenous, and non-porous and it can be completely renewed. All this, thanks to its mineral and acrylic composition.

Therefore, it is very “technical” and at the same time captivating, graceful, refined and exclusive. It unites tangible practicality with the aesthetic light-heartedness of design!

In the kitchen we can make worktops with no visible joins, integrate sinks into the worktop, creating in this way a monolithic-like block, weld backsplashes or wall coverings or we can make cupboard doors, peninsulas, and custom-made tables. Designers can let their imagination run wild, with over 90 colours to choose from, with the new veined and material textures, to create an exclusive environment, an ideal kitchen, your kitchen.

We at CTC DESIGN have over 30 years’ experience in the use of CORIAN and our ambition is to be by your side when you discover and appreciate this product. We want to spoil you, help you to design your kitchen; we will take the measurements, design and produce your worktop using our widely recognised artisanal capability. Together with the latest sophisticated instruments and machinery, we will come to your home and install it to perfection. We will always be at your side.

Moreover, by entrusting your needs to CTC DESIGN, your worktop is covered by DuPont, because CTC DESIGN is a recognised member of Quality Network DuPont.